Frequently Asked Questions – FAQs

How long is treatment usually? 

For Partial Hospitalization Outpatient Program services, individuals can expect to be in active treatment for 2-3 weeks depending on symptoms. For Intensive Outpatient Program, patients can expect 4-6 weeks, depending on symptoms. Treatments may vary in duration and are specific to each individual. For more information on these services, please schedule an assessment. 


What will the treatment process look like? 

The treatment program provides 5-day per week programming. There will be assessments and may include regular meetings with the psychiatrist and therapists. Activities include group therapy, psycho-educational groups, activity therapies, and family meetings for information, support, discharge and continuing care planning. Nurses, social workers or other members of the treatment team will be available to discuss treatment, progress, and other issues. 


What if I start experiencing a crisis and need more support than outpatient services can provide? 

Contact the Frisco Behavioral Hospital Admissions Department at 469-535-8000 and our admissions team will assess and route you to a higher level of care. 


What is the schedule every day? 

Individuals will be provided with a detailed schedule each day breaking out therapy sessions, meals and other activities. 


What if I miss a day of treatment in my program? 

Contact our center and we’ll make every effort to reschedule your missed appointment that week. Telehealth options are also available to our clients.


Will I have individual/family/medication therapy in addition to these services? 

Yes, individual and family therapy are included in our Outpatient Programs, along with medication management and group therapy. 


How much time am I in treatment weekly? 

For Intensive Outpatient Program services, individuals can expect to be in active treatment for a minimum of 9 hours per week. For Partial Hospitalization Program, active treatment is a minimum of 20 hours per week. 


Will my insurance cover services? 

We accept all major insurances for our outpatient services. Co-pays may be required as part of your visit, depending on your insurance coverage. Our team will complete a Benefits and Eligibility check with your insurance provider prior to your first visit, and make you aware of any co-pays that may be associated with your services. Please call our front desk for more information. 


Do you treat substance abuse issues in your program? 

We can effectively treat co-occurring mental health and substance use disorders. Please call our front desk for more information. 


Do I need a referral to start services? 

A physician’s referral is not required for the Haven Wellness Center Outpatient Program. Please call our front desk for more information. 


Where is your facility located? 

Our facility is located at:
7211 Preston Rd. Ste. 3300
Specialty Center 2
Plano, TX 75024 


Do you provide transportation? 

We do not currently provide transportation. 


I’m a healthcare provider. How do I refer patients? 

Please call our admissions department directly at 972-704-2450